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Data Room

It is a centralized and modern reference database for the assessment of hydrocarbon resources, geothermal water for energy purposes and geological structures for the storage of natural gas and the permanent disposal of carbon dioxide.

The Data Room can be used both physically and virtually.

Available equipment and software:

  • 2 work stations
  • Kingdom software for overview of seismic and well data
  • ArcGIS geospatial databases viewer
  • Web well data browser


The overview of the available geological, geophysical, and well data is organised in the specialist software Kingdom, in which three projects have been created: the Adriatic Sea, the Pannonian Basin and the Dinarides. All seismic (2D and 3D) and basic well data are loaded into the projects.

Other well data, consisting of reports, well logs, velocity measurements, etc. are available via the Web browser in .pdf and .tif format.

Interested parties are required to complete the access form indicating the objective and area of their interest.

Before visiting the data room, it is necessary to sign the Data Confidentiality Agreement.

The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency does not guarantee explicitly or implicitly the quality, accuracy, and completeness of the legacy geological, geophysical, and well data available.

All data contained in the data room are the property of the Republic of Croatia and may not be used without permission.





    Consolidating resources within a legislative act increases the energy system efficiency by reducing administrative barriers.