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Geophysical surveys within the NRRP project

Interactive map of geophysical acquisitions

As part of the NPRR C1.2.R1-I2.02.0001 project “Preparation and exploration of geothermal potential in connection with central heating”, funded from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), non-invasive geophysical surveys were carried out in the areas of Velika Gorica, Zaprešić, Sisak, Osijek, Vukovar and Vinkovci.

Geophysical surveys included the recording of 2D reflection seismic data. As a signal source for the seismic data, vibrators (tracks) were used, which generate elastic waves through their vibrations, while surface receivers (wireless geophones) registered the reflection waves on the surface. The data was processed in the processing centre and 2D seismic profiles were created for geological-geophysical interpretation.

Magnetotelluric data (MT)  acquisition was also carried out as part of the geophysical measurements. The recording was carried out using magnetotelluric probes (sensors), which uses natural variations of the Earth’s magnetic and electric  fields signals to measure the electrical resistivity of the subsurface.

After processing the recorded data, geological-geophysical studies will be carried out that will provide an assessment of the geothermal potential in each study area, with the aim of modernising and decarbonising the public heating system.

Once these studies have been completed, key areas will be selected for geothermal drilling in order to take concrete steps towards the introduction of renewable energy sources.

The exploration areas where geophysical acquisitions were performed can be seen on the interactive map.