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Bidding Rounds


on 17.06.2024

The Memorandum of Cooperation was ceremonially signed.

on 13.05.2024

Director of the Geothermal Energy Sector, Martina Tuschl, participant of the round table

on 03.01.2024

The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency launched open public procurement procedures

on 06.11.2023

Accelerating the realisation of geothermal projects in the Republic of Croatia

on 02.11.2023

The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency receives €30 million to explore geothermal potential

on 27.10.2023

The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency is actively involved in the implementation of the project

on 19.10.2023

Marijan Krpan: CHA is going through its own transformation and increasingly turning to greener and renewable energies

on 12.10.2023

Project and work of the Agency's experts presented

on 06.10.2023

Technical assistance to create synergies with the Clean Hydrogen Partnership

on 23.05.2023

Interactive map of geophysical acquisitions

on 14.04.2023

The President of the Management Board of the Agency, Marijan Krpan, participated in the panel.

on 03.04.2023

Strategic study on the environmental impact of the plan for the development of the geothermal potential of the Republic of Croatia until 2030 was prepared.

on 28.12.2022

New geothermal projects in Slavonia, Podravina and Međimurje

on 12.12.2022

The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency has been granted an amount of EUR 200,000.00 for the project Creating a Deep Geothermal Energy Database.

on 17.11.2022

Granting of a licence for the exploration of geothermal energy.